Saturday, July 24, 2010

Promotion Strategy

In the present, there are many channels to present and publish product to consumer such as TV commercial, magazine, bill board, etc.

Key Promotions of Yamaha
- Advertisement
- Magazine
- To be Sponser in sport games such as motor racing, Thai boxing, football world cup, and etc.
- Coupon
- Billbord
- There are many pecfectly showroom where is the Fino lovers come to share together.

What make the brand successful?
According to YAMAHA FINO is a popular motorcycle in the present which is playing with emotional of consumer. Fino is not only motorcycle but it is fashioner. Something importantly that make to successful for Fino is advertisement.
Yamaha Fino creates new advertisement that is odd things from the traditional innovation. There are several advertisements and each one is about have a trip that give funny emotion. Besides, Yamaha Fino uses presenter strategy which can access to consumer.
First of all, Fino uses Golf- Mike who is popular singer and hit hot in women adolescent to be a presenter, and then there are many presenters such as Punch, Chin, Teoy, Shingto the star, and Super Junior who is a popular boy band in Korea.

This picture shows about presenters gerneration 1 of Yamaha Fino

For advertisements of Super Junior always are about have a trip that is promote attractions in Thailand for example the floating garden festival in Northern. It is absolutely successful for this advertisement because it can attract the visitor and make them feel impression. As a result, it bring about to be the ownership to Fino.

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